8/9 August Parc du Bic

Unfortunately, due to a mini-disaster, we ended up with only one evening and couple of hours after first light at this very pleasant reserve.

A female white-tailed deer and its two young certainly gave excellent views.

Other mammals seen were grey seals, snowshoe hare

 and American red squirrel.

Birding was good, and rather over whelming as I discovered my American warbler identification was a little rusty!

Birds seen included

Cape May warbler

American redstart male
American redstart female
black and white warbler
magnolia warbler
lots of yellow-rumped warblers
mourning warbler, blackburnian warbler, 
parula warbler, 

yellowthroat, cedar waxwing and 
ruffed grouse.
blue jay and
red-breasted nuthatch

10/8 - 14/8 Forillon National Park

Our first day started with a successful whale trip.  Within a short time we'd had superb views of a blue whale.

This was followed by excellent views of a humpback whale.

Whales were not the only great mammals seen.  We saw three North American porcupines.

It took us four nights of trying but eventually we got fantastic views of two American beavers.
We also saw northern short-tailed shrew and a couple of red foxes. 

 Black bears are meant to be common in the area, so we were rather disappointed not to see one.

The birding was good.

Bonaparte's gulls were common

as were ring-billed gulls

 and American herring gulls.

Joining them on the beach was this solitary sandpiper.

Birding was good, most of the species seen at Parc de Bic were also seen here.

Parula warblers were common

Canada warbler was a fairly common addition to that list.

Two bald eagles flew over, sadly this was the best photo that I got.

Song sparrow was a common species, just about everywhere in Quebec.

Both butterflies and dragonflies were surprisingly scarce.

This is a Canada darner.

15 - 19 August Parc de la Gaspesie

The chief target species here was reindeer.  We started with a rather too popular, very cold and very windy walk up Mont Jacque-Cartier.  Although we did see one, it was very distant and totally unrewarding.  The crowds put me off trying again and I left very frustrated. 

A woodchuck was a small consolation.

However a trip up the much less crowded Mount Albert proved to be an inspired move.  We saw three including this one, which came very close.

The walk up was eventful as well. We had superb views of two moose, down to about a metre, resulting in me walking rapidly backwards to try to fit them in my lens!

We also got very distant views of two more moose and a black bear.

Eastern chipmunk was common.

We saw our only amphibian of the trip here: American toad

The birding was good. Spruce grouse was a new species for me.

But probably my favourite bird was black-throated green warbler.

Otherwise there was a big over-lap with the other sites, with the addition of a few boreal tits.

20 August - 24 August

Tadoussac area

The target species here was very much beluga, in fact it was the target species of the whole trip!  It was seen on the ferry between Trois Pistoles and Les Escoumins, along with brief views of a blue whale.  Many were seen in the area.  The best views were obtained at La Baie-Sainte-Maruerite, although they were good scope views, photographing them was still tricky!

The Tadousaac is famous as a whale watching destination.  We did one boat trip, getting great views of two humpbacks.

We also got brief views of two minkes.  

Much better views of minke were obtained at Cap-du-Bon

Porpoises were also fairly common here.

Having failed to get decent views of black bear elsewhere, we gave up on finding our own and went to a bear hide, where they were baited. Rather zoo like, but we did get excellent views of 3 adults and 4 cubs.

 Another good birding spot. Evening grosbeak was a 'lifer' for me.

Several bay-breasted warblers were seen.

This great blue heron was rather showy.

Belted kingfisher was a new bird for the trip and a few sharp-shinned hawks were seen.

A white-spotted sawyer beetle was a very smart insect find.

Then, sadly, it was Montreal bound, via a night in Quebec, for our flights home.