2013 Spain: searching for wolves

19 - 23rd February

The drive from Vallolodid to Villanueva de Valrojo was livened up by 74 great bustards.  Sadly, they were rather distant, but still superb!

The evening of the 19th until the evening of the 22nd was spent standing around the Villanueva de Valrojo area, getting cold, damp and rather bored.  And not getting views of wolves!  We did get close.

Firstly wolf prints.

Then wolf droppings.

And then, most galling of all, a trailcam photograph.

(Photo courtesy of John Dixon)

The trip was basically a 'twitch' for wolf and as such was a failure but there were good sides. The Posada Rural el Tejar proved to be an excellent hotel and considerable amounts of food and alcohol were consumed!

We did see a few birds, although my photographs were very disappointing.  Including

lots of red kites

lots of white storks

and southern grey shrike.

A few rock buntings were near the hotel, sadly they were far from co-operative.

Woodlarks, crossbills and dartford warblers were all common.

The 23rd February found the car covered with thick ice.  The drive back to Vallolodid was broken up by a brief stop at Lagunas de Viallafafila, where we saw plenty of great bustards and a sprinkling of snow.

A rock sparrow was seen, from the car, at Villamayor de Campos.