2017 Gran Paradiso, Italy

Gran Paradiso NP, Italy 28 May - 2 June

Not a dedicated wildlife watching trip; more of a chilled hill-walking trip to enable my wife to enjoy her passion for mountains. I didn’t even take a SLR and this selection of photos were taken either with my Canon HS50 ‘superzoom’ or a phone. Most of the time was spent near Valsavarenche (where we stayed) or Pont apart from one, long, walk to Pondel.

The scenery was amazing.


Roman bridge 2_rsz_rsz.jpg

scenery 3 small.jpgscenery2small.jpg

The main attraction of the area for me was Alpine ibex; I’d failed to see it here, and at other sites, in the summer months. I’d been told that this was a good time and a good place. It certainly was.

alpine ibex 3_rsz.jpg

Alpine ibex_rsz.jpg

Alpine chamois and Alpine marmot were also common.



alpine marmot 2_rsz.jpg

alpine marmots_rsz.jpg

The main attractions bird wise were wallcreeper, nutcracker, citril finch and rock bunting, which were all seen briefly. Italian sparrow gave slightly better views.

Italian sparrow_rsz.jpg

Green lizard was seen but not photographed. Wall lizard was more cooperative.


The insect life was amazing. I still have many things to identify. Here’s a selection of the things that I did manage to identify.  

Owly sulphur

Libelloides coccajus_rsz.jpg

Black-veined white

black-veined white_rsz.jpg

Scarce swallowtail

scarce swallowtail_rsz.jpg


Glanville Fritillary_rsz.jpg

Almond-eyed ringlet

almond-eyed ringlet_rsz.jpg

Nine-spotted moth

burnet small.jpg

Crucifer shieldbug

crucifer shieldbug.jpg

Graphosoma italica

Graphosoma italicum_rsz.jpg



Trichodes alvearius_rsz.jpg

I’m no botanist, but hopefully this selection of plant photos in correctly identified.

Alpine snowbell

alpine snowbell_rsz.jpg

Burnt orchid

burnt orchid_rsz_rsz.jpg

Dark columbine

dark columbine_rsz.jpg

Spring gentian

flower 6_rsz.jpg

Piedmont primrose

flower 4_rsz.jpg

Liotard’s star-of-Bethlehem


St Bernard’s lily

St Bernard's lily_rsz.jpg

I’m not sure what species of pink this is. If anyone could let me know, i’d be very grateful.