Croatia 2018

27 May - 2 June

The annual walking holiday without the children proved to be very successful on the wildlife front if rather hot for the walking bit. Definitely recommend as a laid-back spot to take a non-birding partner. We stayed at Cavtat and apart from the day trip to Dubrovnik (easily reached by regular, reasonably-priced ferries) we were almost never out of sight from the airport.



Sniježnica  area

Although these trips are not dedicated wildlife trips, I did have a good reason for ‘guiding’ Michelle towards this area for our holiday and that was it was home to a new bird for me: rock partridge. It took me several attempts but I did eventually see one calling, somewhat distantly.

Other birds included blue rock thrush, black-eared wheatear,

black-headed bunting

eastern orphean warbler,

sombre tit

Golden orioles, lots of subalpine warblers, alpine choughs and short-toed eagle.

Reptile watching was good. Unfortunately the superb glass worms proved too quick for me to get a photo, which was very frustrating.

Balkan green lizard

Dalmatian green lizard

Italian wall lizard (Dubrovnik)

Balkan terrapin

The butterfly watching was good.

southern comma

two-tailed pasha

ilex hairstreak

Idas blue

marbled skipper

great sooty satyr

southern white admiral

Balkan marbled white

large tortoiseshell


scarce swallowtail

Dragonfly watching was particularly good along the river near Gruda and in the hills below Sniježnica and near the river close to Gruda

The highlight was Balkan goldenring.

I think this may be Balkan emerald but I’m not sure.

small pincertail

white-legged damselfly

green-eyed hawker

blue-eyed hawker

Croatia turned out to be good for Orthoptera but, as is usually the case, identifying them wasn’t easy due to the lack of reference materials. These should all be considered tentative identifications

Schmidt’s marbled bush-cricket Eupholidoptera schmidti

Pholidoptera dalmatica                                  

Dalmatian Saddle Bush-cricket Ephippiger discoidalis

Chabrier’s bush-cricket,  Eupholidoptera chabrieri

Great green bush cricket Tettigonia viridissima

A few other attractive  invertebrates were seen. Hopefully the identifications are correct.

narrow rose-banded wave

Rynocoris iracundus

Calosoma sycophanta

Graphosoma semipunctatum

Philaeus chrysops

Chafer sp.